Monday, November 11, 2013

Twin Pines Conservation Area

Last Saturday, Christian had to finish taking his test for his Hunter Safety Education. The closest class that wasn't full, was in Winona. About an hour drive from our house and in the middle of nowhere... Christian's class lasted four hours. So we had plenty of time to kill. :) We started by walking on the trails.

And we walked, and we walked, and we walked. For an hour and half. :D
We went through Narnia, and I think we may have seen TreeBeard. 

I think Li'ora would have walked most of the time, except that her little legs couldn't keep up and she was having trouble with the rocks.. :D 

We made sure to read the "signs" they had on the trail.

Break time.. 

And we started our way back...  

Sweet innocent baby faces... 

Before, we began walking, we looked at the old machinery they had there. The boys were fascinated with the old truck. 

Reading the bilboard..

A Steam Engine Tractor....this is what fascinated me. :)

Before the walk and looking at the machinery... Dad  almost got eaten by the lioness... but. She decide he was to tough...

 Thanks for reading!
me and my sis.

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