Monday, November 11, 2013

We took a Sunday Drive

As some of you may know already, we are looking for a house to buy. Preferably one that has a nice house and some acreage with  it... There hard to find.. That is, there hard to find for a family of nine.. :| Last Saturday, a friend called Dad to ask him a few things. As they talked, they began to talk about houses. This friend told us that he thought there was one down E Highway on 21 N... Well... "we went all over those hills, and we did not here any singin'.." (quote from Emperors New Groove) No, we didn't find the house...  but we did find this place:

I couldn't capture the beauty properly.

The view to the side of me. 

We stayed for quite awhile. Trapped in it's beauty. :)
Most of us are finding rocks for Dad here. :)

Mom and Li'ora. (and  baby coming in June.. :)

Dad is the excellent rock skipper in our family. Most times everyone finds skipping rocks for him and let's him do the skipping. :) Dad found this one.. It look like miniature cave.  

Dad skipping rocks. This was a wonderful skip, but not one his better ones. He can sometimes get the rocks to skip 15 times. :) One of my favorite memories. :)

Thanks for reading. :)

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