Monday, December 23, 2013

What have I been up to...?

Well... that's the question around here... what have I been up to? Besides the normal chaos that comes with a large family, I have been busy crocheting, baking, wrapping, shopping, and playing in snow.. (Snow Pictures in the next post...) And honestly... it seems much busier when you DO it and don't read it. ;)

I wanted to make some bread to go with dinner last week... and honestly.. I was tired of our recipes.. not to mention every time I made the recipe we had, it never was fluffy and crisp... This recipe is!! And I was so tickled. The whole family loves it, and it is on a constant request. :)

Baking Cookies for a Christmas Party we had last week. It was lots of fun! 

The Cookies of Christmas' past, present and future. :D Sugar Cookies that we decorate yearly.... ;)
That is... this recipe is a Christmas Tradition... Li'ora wouldn't stop shoving the cookies in her mouth and... honestly.... I couldn't either. :P

A friend of mine gave me a crochet challenge.. Snowflake ornaments.... They are easy to crochet, but difficult to stiffen... still haven't found the best way. ;)

The Children and I have been colouring here and there too.. ;)
This one is mine...

And this one is Jericho's.... For some reason the other children's colouring pages won't upload.. but they did some pretty ones. :) 

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