Monday, December 23, 2013

"Snoooww, Snooowww, SNOWWWWWWW!"

"It won't be long we'll all be there with snow..." Any time it snows, I always think of this song. One of my favorites, from my favorite Christmas movie... (Well, one of them.)

About a week ago, we were blessed with 9.5 inches of snow!!! The deepest and most long lasting snow in years! It lasted about... Oh.. I would say 8-9 days. It was a lovely sight... and I am sorry to see that it is gone. Here are some pictures, I took of it... :) 

When we measured it, it hadn't stopped snowing yet.... 

Pine Needles...

Snow angels.. :)


Baby Li'ora. She loved the snow! She didn't want to come in... I had to explain to her that the "booboo" she was complaining about, was the cold. After she realized that the "booboo" was cold, she was able to be coaxed inside. :) 

Over the days, when the ice and snow began to melt these icicles, became longer and longer.. I would say that they were close to 4 feet long... The  reason they kept getting so long, is because they would melt and the refreeze at night.... It was neat to watch.  


"When the sun hits this ridge just right, these hills sing."  ~Pacha, The Emperors New Groove

Before, it became 9.5 inches. This was only a few hours into the snow fall. 

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