Friday, May 18, 2012

May 18, 2012

I got up early this morning and found myself confronted with....NO breakfast. We were out of milk. So that meant NO pancakes! Out of crackers and V8, which...meant, no crackers and V8. You probably already used the power of deduction here -  There was nothing to eat. Upon opening the freezer, I found the unleavened bread Mom had made a couple months ago. The mystery of breakfast was SOLVED!

After all of that was done I decided that bead work would have to be practiced. Wiring two beads, well.. that was enough practice for now. There was coffee to be had. Bible).

Mom woke about an hour later and we talked and she asked how the bite was on my knee. I said it seemed better. It did not itch near as much. Asking to see it and I showed it to her. " Did you have a tick there?"
Me: " Yes, now that you say that, I do remember having one there."
Research and research. Maybe Lyme disease.

Later, I drive to the Chiropractor and parallel park for the first time. It was as easy as putting on a glove. :)
 DR. says I need 13 vitamens of some sort. Prodilitc or other.

Bible study tonight and away I go.

MAY 17, 2012

Christian passes his Permit Test. He got the same grade I did. 84%

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