Thursday, May 31, 2012

Akamerikwang and his Wife

Akamerikwang (Akamerikwang meaning "white cow with crooked horns") was the missionaries nickname that I told you about in my last entry. His real name is Jim and His wife's name is Jenny. Jenny had a nickname meaning "white one" but I do not remember it. Jim has been in Nakaale, Uganda for 5yrs- I think. He had some very interesting things to say. Like: the women do all the work, while the men sit at home and crochet. :P He did say that some of the men are now starting to work. The young girls at about age two, start to learn how to carry things on their heads. When they become a woman, they are then able to carry 200 lbs. on their head, a baby on her back and something in each hand. They can also hold 20 liters of water on their head. Young boys start to be shepherds from age 5 to age 20.  Since the men have started to work, they have had to find a new "style". Use to, they would only where a sheet wrapped around them. Now they wear this:

Well...I cannot find a picture. So,,,, I will describe it to you. They now have their "sheet" wrapped around them like a towel and a rainbow Dr. Seuss hat. Quite a funny picture; Isn't it?

There is very little sanity there. No one washed hands. Cleans things...During the rainy season they walk up to 2 feet in mud and cow pooh. Speaking of cow...That is the Karimojong  money. The Karimojong believe that their god gave them all the cows of the world. So they take from other people what is "rightfully" theirs. The men were the "warriors and they took cows from others, often in an aggressive way.  Another thing, Polygamy is practiced there and if you want a wife you have to buy her. To buy her you have to have cows. The more cows you have the more wealth you have. The more cows you have; the more wives you may have. In all reality...they worship cows.... :-P

Please be in prayer for Jim and Jenny that they would have the courage to spread the Gospel and that the Africans would believe in the One True God. And not except Him as just another God.

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