Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Musicians Prayer

Once upon a time, there was a great musician, who had a love for God and His kingdom. He sat at the piano in his living room, looking out the window and seeing the peaceful breeze sway the trees. If only he could make music like the wind and trees. Peaceful and full of the knowledge of God. Music that stated the simple fact that the Psalmist David once said: "The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament sheweth his handiwork." Looking down at the piano keys his fingers touched them. "Lord," he said, "I want to write a piece of music that makes people think about you, the freedom and salvation you bring to us as your people." 
His prayer finished, he began playing a sonata that had never been heard before. Carefully writing down the music, he took it to the king and gifted it to him. The king was grateful for the new piece. He was always in search of music. The king hired musicians to play the sonata for him. As they began, he let his mind absorb it sounds of grace and peace. He began to think about how much work and love it takes to create a wonderful piece like this. There had to be a creator. One who was passionate about his work. The creator had to write it, plan it, and bring each musical note to it's proper and perfect place. Once it was finished, you had to have musicians who would play the piece, making it come alive.
"Life", the king said, "is a lot like music. Our lives have a Creator. He, like the Great Musician writes and plans our life perfectly. He then gifts that life to us and we play it out the way he wrote it. We can't change it, or like the music, it wouldn't sound right when we did."
The king was greatly moved. Even with all the power he had as king, he could not change the course of the future. The only thing he could do was to surrender his life once again to Christ and ask him to give him grace and strength to face anything life had in store for him. He prayed that his actions and his attitude toward trials and joy would bring others to Christ, that others would see Christ's glory. The king arose from his knees, set fourth and began ruling his kingdom in love.
Knowing that Christ and the salvation He supplied would be the only thing to save him and his people. In Him, was the only form of freedom and peace. The Great Musician's prayer had been answe
red and he was thankful.
The End.

(I enjoyed writing this, this morning. Hope you enjoyed reading it. ;)

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