Tuesday, October 21, 2014

On Saturday

28 kids from five families
In this picture, there are 28 children from just 5 families! Two of the families, we didn't know. A wonderful friend of ours, asked if she could come up to our MO home, bringing all the food and basically being the hostess at our own house. She did a fabulous job and the day was SOOO much fun! We met the Slinkards and Webers, had lunch, talked and played games.

At 11:00 am we got a call from one of the ladies who got lost on our gravel road. Mom told her where we were while I took my bike down the road to find her. I was so out of breath! :P Anyway, so that is how I met Mrs. Slinkard, on the road out of breath.. :P :D When we got to the house, we introduced all of us, to all of them, and the day began with talking. After lunch we played Frisbee. At one point we had 5 Frisbees going at one time. ;) A little while later we played several rounds of Trashcan. At one point in the game, it was just me and another guy. I thought for sure I would lose, but I am pretty sure he let me win. ;) :) I wish that I had pictures from that, but the memory is enough. It was SOOOO much fun! Boy was I SORE the next day. And still am a little bit. :P It's hard to write and say how fun the day was, you really would just have to be there, but let me tell you, I hope it happens again REAL soon! ;)

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