Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Little Memories ~ February

It is a shame that I don't find the time to write the memories that I cherish. Some I write down, others I am so sure to remember. Alas! I have often thought wrong. Now that I have deleted my FB account, maybe I will have the time to write. I should say: ' find the time to write. '

Malachi and I ware sitting at the table with the other day. Rather, a month ago. He looks at me and says: "do you know why I like my face?"
Puzzled, I looked at him questioningly. Noting my puzzled look, he replied: " because it is handsome!"
I smiled and shook my head at his silliness.

Emma and I lay in bed 1 night. I heard her sucking her thumb. We are trying to break her of sucking her thumb, so I told her to take it out. I told her if she didn't take it out I would have to apply the hot sauce method. Aggravated she replied: "No, I want honey on it!"
Me: "I think you missed the point."

Today while blogging, I hear Mom laugh and say to me: "Petra, did you put the sugar in the refrigerator?!"
All I could do was hide my head. Its not the first time it has happened. Like finding the sausage in the cabinet.... and.... nevermind.... you get the idea. ;-)

Li'ora was sitting at the top of the stairs a few weeks ago. I was down stairs hearing her call me. "Sissy, sissy, sissy, sissy, sissy...." After about 5 minutes of just saying sissy, she finally calls in an even louder voice: "Pepa!"  Smart girl ;-) :-)

For valentines day I did a craft with the young ones. We made paper heart garlands and Malachi was splendid at it! The others were too, but I was surprised at Malachi. I love this picture of him.

Li'ora has taken a liking to coloring. I was able to catch this picture of her at our friends house.

I hope you enjoy these stories as much as I do. I love to review my past blog posts and laugh out loud at them sometimes.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Petra. I love the pictures. :-)



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