Thursday, January 17, 2013

Little Memories - January 2013

It has been a while since I have wrote about Little Memories. I think partly it is because I have lacked to remember them and the toddler is growing out of her innocent comments. ( Li'ora is getting closer to that age.) But... now, I have a few. A few that I will want to look back on in a couple of years. :)

I was getting Emma dressed about 2 weeks ago. Upon clearing my throat, she asked if I was alright.
I said that I was fine. I just had a frog in my throat. Emma, puzzled, says to me: " Did you eat it?"
Hahah! After I said no, She asked if it jumped in my mouth. I don't think that I ever did tell her the right answer... :)

Li'ora likes to tease you. She will lift her hands up to you and when you go to pick her up she will smile and cackle real big, put her hands down, and run away. Then we chase her and watch her " baby run". :) :D That is just a taste of her humor. :) She will also tease you about giving kisses. :)

Yesterday all the little children and I went to see how melted the pond was. It was frozen enough for the our little dogs, Dixie and Rascal to play all over it the day before. It had started melting quite a bit so we dicided to help it melt. :) Jericho threw a big rock on the edge of the ice and the whole circumference of the pond started cracking and popping like an earth quake! That was fun! After that, we thought we would go check out the puddles. There is a place in our yard that always has a 10 foot puddle or more. We went to it and saw that it would hold our wieght. :) Even mine. ;) The next hour or so we were running and then sliding on our feet. It was a blast!

I was just about to publish this, but I have one more thing to say. As of today, Malachi can now TIE his shoes! Hurrah for Malachi!


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