Monday, June 12, 2017

Happily Ever After

Where do I begin? How do I start? How do I express feelings that haven't any words? Happiness. It's  not something you can describe. It's not only a feeling. It's love, it's sacrifice, it's beauty,. It comes in many forms. My happiness? It comes in the form of a one year old red head. She's rambunctious, she's  all smiles, she's her momma's girl, she's a chubby cuddlebug, she's got her daddy wrapped around her finger, she's so much more; She's our Gwyneth Aaliyah. 

Perhaps, you are wondering where the rest of the story is? Why I suddenly left the blogging world and why I am suddenly back? You'll remember how I had said that I had met "a guy" in my previous story. Well, yes that man, my Austin, became my husband. After talking for a fortnight, we knew we were meant for each other. If it hadn't been for parents and their wisdom we would have been married immediately. However, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. Austin proposed to me 7 months after our first meeting. Delighted, happy, joyful. Those are only words that pale in comparison to the way I felt and continue to feel. To have a man love you for who you are - no make-up, messy hair, imperfect days, a man who sees passed your flaws, who hugs you when you're upset, who listens to every word that's important to you and makes it important to him, a man who cherishes you, finds joy in you- it's the biggest blessing God can give on this earth. People say that after  2 years of marriage, "love" diminishes. That the newness wears off and that you no longer love each other as you did before... This may be true. But, not in the way I believe they meant. True, Austin and I have matured much since our marriage. We look back and realize, we were only kids. We've had to make adult decisions. We've had to forgive and we've had to solve problems. We've had life happen to us. And the farther it goes, the busier it seems to get. Our love for each other has not diminished. With every passing day I love my husband more and more. His care for me and our daughter is an awe striking example of his love for us. No, love has not diminished. Maybe our immature infatuation has. Yes.  However, we've learned and tasted the meaning of true love. And this, this is just the beginning of it. The beginning of our little family. The taste of the true joy God gives us on this blessed earth. The foreshadowing of all things eternal. 

~ Petra


  1. So, so happy for you!! Thankful for the example you are to my girls; how the Lord blesses when you wait on him to fulfill the desires of your heart.


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